The Differences Between The Oukitel P2001 And P2001 Plus

Power outages can occur at any time, and may lead to an interruption in your daily activities. With the help of power stations you can always maintain a constant power source in your home even during outages. Your home can be well-lit and your food well- preserved at all times if you have a portable power station.

In recent times, portable solar generators are becoming more popular as compared to alternative traditional power sources. The main reason for this is because solar energy is a sustainable resource. This reduction in fuel costs is enough to put solar generators ahead of others. The Oukitel P2001 and the Oukitel P2001 Plus are part of OUKITEL’s incredible products that promote sustainability and environmental friendliness.

As items that represent the company, the P2001 and P2001 Plus are excellent representations of Oukitel’s cutting-edge power stations. They have exemplary safety and technological features that guarantee your solar power station operates at peak efficiency always. In this article, we'll be discussing what differentiates the Oukitel P2001 and P2001 Plus.


Overview Of Oukitel P2001

It can be difficult to find a trustworthy and secure portable solar power station. The Oukitel P2001 is a rare generator that is available in 200W and 400W models. It's the ideal choice for home, workshop, or camping use. If you need electricity to run only a few appliances, the Oukitel P2001 is an excellent choice for you.

The P2001 has an AC output of 2000W, which is sufficient to run equipment with high power consumption. Hence, you can use it to run heavy electric tools like your air conditioner, heater and refrigerator. The Oukitel P2001 also features super-fast recharging.

With its lightning-fast recharging technology, the Oukitel P2001 can completely charge in just 1.8 hours from any regular household outlet. The product can support a maximum of two 200W sun panels to produce the best efficiency.

Provided they are compatible, you can connect your Oukitel P2001 power station to different solar panels. This is due to its solar charging range which is between 12V to 48V. This product's integrated maximum power point tracking can improve solar charging by up to 99%.   

Battery Capacity And Type

The robust and safe batteries that all Oukitel products have is one of our distinctive features. A sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) in the Oukitel P2001 makes sure the power plant's battery operates smoothly and safely. This can greatly improve the battery life of the power station.

The P2001 comes with LiFePO4 batteries, which are among the safest and most dependable battery types for an indoor generator set. They are long-lasting, and even after 3500 lifecycles, the Oukitel P2001's batteries can retain up to 70% of their initial capacity.

Furthermore, your Oukitel P2001 sports a complimentary integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). With the UPS, your priceless and delicate electrical appliances are guaranteed to be protected from electrical damage and any power fluctuations.

The complimentary UPS plays a huge role for the solar generator’s continuous power supply. The UPS supplies enough energy to allow the solar generator to start up after an unforeseen blackout. After any power interruption, the Oukitel P2001 typically switches over in ten milliseconds.

Output Ports And Compatibility

When it comes to output ports, the Oukitel P2001 is particularly noteworthy. It has a total of sixteen adaptable output ports. This is highly useful for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

Additionally, the P2001 features a variety of charging choices. Using a home outlet is the conventional way to recharge the solar generator for home buildings. But, you may also add solar panels, utilize a car charger, or use another solar generator for homes to charge the power plant. The Oukitel P2001 is adaptable in many ways.

Portability And Design

The Oukitel P2001 boasts a well-thought-out structure and design. It is composed entirely of fire-resistant materials and it is very durable. It lasts a long time and is easy to carry or move around.

The Oukitel P2001 has two sturdy aluminum alloy handles which you can easily use to lift the generator. It is lightweight and is the ideal size for camping, outdoor activities, and as an RV solar generator. The power station features a 2W warm-tone LED light, and weighs about 22kg.


Overview Of Oukitel P2001 Plus

The Oukitel P2001 Plus is an improvement of the Oukitel P2001. The P2001 Plus is a more recent product that is available in PV200 and PV400 versions. Since the P2001 Plus is an upgraded model of the P2001, it features more cool and advanced functions to meet all your power requirements.

The P2001 Plus features an even faster charging speed than the P2001. It boasts an 1800W super-fast charge, which is an exceptionally fast charging speed. The Oukitel P2001 Plus can charge to 80% of its full capacity in an hour. This is incredibly quick for an Oukitel power station. If you want a generator that charges quickly, the Oukitel P2001 Plus is the energy solution you need.

The P2001 Plus also comes with a charging adjustment knob which allows you to adjust the charging speed of the generator the way you want. This is another advanced feature that the P2001 does not possess. If you don’t want your power station’s battery to get full quickly, you can simply adjust it as desired.

Battery Capacity And Type

The Oukitel P2001 Plus has a battery with a high output of 2400W. With a generator output like that, you are guaranteed first-class performance and uninterrupted power supply whether you are at home or outdoors. Furthermore, the Oukitel P2001 Plus has an advantage over the P2001 when it comes to battery capacity.

In addition to its good battery capacity, the Oukitel P2001 Plus comes with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) device. When the grid power goes out, the Oukitel P2001 Plus can switch power immediately to UPS mode, within 10 milliseconds.

This means you don't have to worry about missing any shows, losing important files, or throwing out spoiled food because of a power outage. The P2001 Plus has a large battery capacity of 2048Wh.

Output Ports And Compatibility

The Oukitel P2001 Plus also boasts many output ports for different connections. It sports 4 AC output ports, 4 USB-Type C ports, and 2 USB-Type A ports. You can connect to different appliances and devices like laptops and refrigerators at the same time with these ports.

The P2001 Plus has multiple charging methods, just like the P2001. You can also use standard home outlets, other generators, solar chargers, and car chargers for this model.

Special Features

As a newer version, the P2001 Plus features more improved characteristics compared to the P2001. One of them is that the P2001 Plus is as quiet as 50dB. When using the P2001 Plus, you can be sure that the noise level will be next to nothing in your home or area.

Not to mention, the Oukitel P2001 Plus has a beautiful design and build. Its build is quite updated, and is resistant to moisture and dust. This ensures that the solar generator for home backup is always safe and clean.

One of the Oukitel P2001 Plus’s greatest features is its integrated display screen and smart app control. With these features, you can manually run your portable power station using a remote control. That way, even when you're not home, you can turn on your power station.

The integrated display panel is also easier to use on the P2001 Plus than on the regular P2001, and it has a vivid display. The P2001 Plus’s AC output ports are all located at the front.


Key Differences

Here are some key differences between the Oukitel P2001 and P2001 Plus.

1. Battery Capacity and Performance

The P2001 Plus indoor generator for home and outdoor activities has a larger battery capacity than the P2001. Due to its high capacity, it also has a better performance.

2. Charging Time

The charging times of the two Oukitel products also shows an evident difference in the two. The P2001 has a 1100W charging time, however the P2001 Plus charges at a faster 1800W.

3. Design and Portability

The P2001 Plus has a better build as it is made from heat, dust and moisture-resistant materials. However, there isn't much of a difference in size.

4. Advanced Features

The Oukitel P2001 Plus also differs greatly in terms of advanced features. It features an additional smart integration app and noise-resistance technology. This places it well above the P2001.

5. Size and Weight

The dimensions for the P2001 Plus and P2001 are 39.9 x 28.6 x 32 cm and 39.2 x 27.9 x 33 cm, respectively. The two portable power stations each weigh 22 kg.



The P2001 and P2001 Plus are some of OUKITEL's top solar power stations. The two products share similar characteristics but are still different from each other. They mainly differ in size, advanced features, battery capacity, and charging time.

The design and structure of the two products also differ in a few ways. One thing both products have in common is that they work incredibly well to meet your home or outdoor energy needs. To learn more about our products and methods for ordering, visit our website.

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