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OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro - Efficient Backup Power Solution

5120Wh LiFePO4丨4000W Output丨Seamless 1600W UPS丨3,500 Life Cycles丨120V/240V Split Phase丨1800W Fast AC Charging

Modern infrastructure, home appliances, daily gadgets, and urban people's life are heavily dependent on electricity. However, rising energy prices and the threat of blackouts loom large over households across the world in the coming months or years. An efficient and reliable high-watt power station packing tons of power and ports and supporting solar charging will always get you ready.

The ultimate high-capacity portable solar power station is here. OUKITEL’s ABEARL P5000 Pro and ABEARL P5000 are the most powerful, lightweight, and portable 5,120Wh backup power supplies for your home, RVs, EVs, and outdoor adventures.

With a massive energy capacity, huge pure sine wave AC output, super-fast recharging, seamless UPS, safe and long-lasting batteries, and a smart battery management system, OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro/P5000 can charge up to 15 devices at once and keep home devices running smoothly and safely in case of a power outage or live comfortably off-grid for days.

Featuring a ground-breaking battery capacity of 5,120Wh, OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro is capable of powering essential devices in your house for 1 to 7 days on a single charge. And it can keep you prepared for emergencies, such as power outages and storms. It is also perfect for road trips, RV trips, glamping/camping trips, outdoor parties, and outdoor adventures.

It can help users save costs by storing free solar energy or low-cost energy and supplying it during peak periods when electricity prices are higher.

It can function as a plug-and-play home energy storage system for the whole family. Connect it to your home’s existing main electrical panel or transfer switch, and it can deliver power to the house from its built-in battery or connected solar panels without rewiring and cable chaos.

With the strongest ever 4,000W output, ABEARL P5000 Pro can power everything, from essential home appliances (lights, fridges, coffee makers, electric grills, etc.), computers, and mobile devices to medical devices (CPAP machines, etc.) to electric vehicles, and even those commercial machines are easy to boot up.

Some portable power stations support only max. 120V AC output in the USA. Others may need two units and a hub or an adapter to run a 240V appliance in the USA.

The built-in 120V/240V split phase power system in the ABEARL P5000 Pro (US version) enables a single unit to deliver both 120V and 240V output directly.

Built for emergency power backup, RVs, road/camping trips, and outdoor adventures, ABEARL P5000 Pro adopts premium explosion-proof lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells. It delivers safe and stable power to your devices, even in harsh environments. The built-in LFP battery cells have a cycle life of over 3,500. That means ABEARL P5000 Pro will last up to 10 years, assuming six weekly cycles. That's 6x longer than the industry average.

Whether you're planning for an emergency or setting out on a camping trip, this portable power station can be ready for use quickly. The integrated industry-leading 4,000W bi-directional inverter in ABEARL P5000 Pro makes charging much easier and faster than ever. With 1,800W AC fast charging, ABEARL P5000 Pro can be fully charged in less than 3 hours.

Using both the AC input and solar panels, a 1.8-hour recharge with up to 2,800W total input can get this massive power station fully recharged.

ABEARL P5000 Pro allows you to convert energy from the sun into electricity using solar panels. With a maximum solar input of 1,000W, you can get ABEARL P5000 Pro fully recharged in around 5 hours. The built-in innovative MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) solar charge controller offers 99% conversion efficiency, generating the most power no matter what time of day or weather conditions.

Weighing only 33 lbs, the OUKITEL 400W portable solar panel comes with durable and crack-resistant monocrystalline solar cells and 23% energy conversion efficiency. As we all know, cracks can affect both energy output and the system lifetime of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. OUKITEL’s unique crackproof technology ensures less risk of developing cracks on the surfaces of solar panels.

Designed for outdoor use, the panel has an IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating and can withstand wet and harsh environments. It comes with integrated adjustable kickstands for optimal solar power and an integrated carry case for easy transportation.

Users can use ABEARL P5000 Pro in conjunction with OUKITEL solar panels or 90% third-party 12-120V PV panels with MC4 connectors.

Unexpected power outages can lead to data loss and even hardware failure. ABEARL P5000 Pro can work as a 1,600W Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to keep your essential electronic/medical devices up and running. The switchover time of under 10ms gives you enough time to save your work and protects all connected devices from voltage fluctuations.

In addition, the smart battery management system (BMS) improves safety and ensures a long-lasting battery life. It provides multiple protections, including overload protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, keeping both the portable power station and connected devices safe.

Unlike noisy fuel or gas power generators, this powerful power station can deliver massive power without giving out noise, fume, emissions, pollution, etc. It is safe to use indoors. Users can even enjoy uninterrupted sleep during power outages. ABEARL P5000 Pro powers what you need anytime and anywhere.

Holding a massive capacity of 5,120Wh, the ABEARL P5000 Pro only weighs 116.8 lbs, 63% lighter compared to other portable power stations of the same capacity. Rugged wheels and the telescopic pull handle improve portability, making it easy to roll around.

ABEARL P5000 Pro includes five pure sine wave AC outlets, two DC 12V ports, one Aviation socket, one car cigarette lighter port, two USB-A ports, two Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports (100W PD per port). It comes with a separate switch for each section, making it more energy-saving.

Most electric vehicle drivers tend to suffer from range anxiety. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead car battery. ABEARL P5000 Pro allows you to charge your EV instantly wherever you are and can get your electric vehicle to travel 18 extra miles.

The ABEARL P5000 Pro supplies power to your RV or other high-demand appliances when needed. And you'll have plenty of ports to plug in all of your devices.

The ABEARL P5000 Pro is a versatile backup solar generator to keep power and electricity at your fingertips. Charge your phone, tablet, or laptop. Power your lights, speaker, projectors, and even hair dryers. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

No more extension cords or tripped breakers. This high-capacity home battery runs high-wattage power tools like circular saws and drills stably.

The ABEARL P5000 Pro solar-powered generator is a great battery generator for camping, tailgating, or even DIY projects around your yard.

OUKITEL designed ABEARL P5000 Pro to offer the most cost-effective, reliable, and versatile solar generators on the market. From the selection of battery chemistries to the development of the cooling system, from energy saving to ease of use, from testing to further testing, every aspect of ABEARL P5000's development was designed with customers’ expectations and user experience in mind.

Like Prometheus in Greek mythology who brought “fire” in the form of technology, knowledge, and more generally, civilization to humanity. OUKITEL is committed to bringing “New Energy Fire” to people and creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable future by offering safe, high-energy-efficient, and long-lasting energy storage and green energy-generating solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

By adopting long-lasting battery chemistry and highly efficient solar charging, OUKITEL strives to deliver a more energy-efficient and versatile backup power supply system while reducing carbon footprints.

With an average 10-year experience in the power supply industry, talents and experts from OUKITEL have been dedicated to R&D, designing, and manufacturing portable power stations, solar panels, and off-grid energy storage systems for the last six years.