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30-Day Money-Back Gurantee

OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator
OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator

OUKITEL BP2000+400W Solar Generator

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  • Expandable & Portable: 2-16kWh expandable battery capacity to fit your energy storage needs. Portable power for home backup, RV road trips, and off.
  • Fastest Recharging: Charge from 0 - 80% in 1.5 hours with AC1800W Max. input, PV1000W + AC1500W dual recharge to 80% in just 1 hour.
  • Industry-leading 1400W UPS (≤10ms): Offer power instantly when blackouts occur, and switchover time less than 10ms.
  • 2200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Delivers constant voltage and protects sensitive electronics from damage and normal running.
  • Long-lasting Reliability: Safest LiFePO4 battery with 10 years of daily use and 3,500+ cycles.
  • 6 Charging Ways: AC/Solar/AC+Solar/Car/Generator/AC Adapter.
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oukitel 2000w oukitel power station oukitel power station portable power station 2000w oukitel bp2000 solar generator kit oukitel p5000 power station
Max. 1000W
Solar Charging
Fast AC Charging
Up To 16KWh Expandable
Home Battery Backup
15 Output Ports
Power Most Devices
3500+ Cycles LiFePO4
10 Years Lifespan
Power for
Seamless 1400W UPS<10ms
Up To 16KWh Expandable
Home Battery Backup
Max. 1000W
Solar Charging
Cycles LiFePO4
10 Years Lifespan
Fast AC Charging
15 Output Ports
Power Most Devices
Seamless 1400W UPS<10ms
Power for

The Most Flexible Home Energy Solution

OUKITEL BP2000 with up to 7 x B2000 expansion batteries in parallel to reach 16kWh, and meet the family's power need for 1-6 days. The robust structural design ensures stability and worry-free usage.

Ultrafast oukitel BP2000 Charging Speed

No need to wait a second. BP2000 charges to 80% in just 1.5 hours with 1800W Max. AC input. Fast dual charging (Solar + AC) reaches 80% in just 1 hour. It is always on hand and ready to use.

Seamlessly UPS Against Power Outages

Don't let power outages hold you back, BP2000 will always have your back since it kicks in within 10ms as soon as the power goes out, delivering seamless power to your vital devices.

Enjoy Electricity Anywhere You Go

Thanks to its convenient handheld design and superfast charging speed, BP2000 is easy to carry around on the way for living off-grid or on the go.

Born for Your Adventure

Unleash boundless energy wherever you roam with the BP2000 power beast. Elevate your off-grid life and craft extraordinary memories with the reliable backup power supply.

Power Almost All Appliances

With a maximum 2048Wh capacity and 2200W AC output, the portable power station is capable of powering almost all life essentials, from full-sized refrigerators and microwaves to kettles and hairdryers.

Easy Integrate with Transfer Switch

By directly connecting the BP2000 with a dual power automatic transfer switch, when a blackout hits, it can continue to power your important home devices such as your fridge and lights for hours.

Cover Pretty Much Demands

BP2000 with 2,048Wh capacity and 2,200W constant output power, brings home comforts and ample power for off-grid adventures, supporting most appliances.
400W Solar Panel
  • Model

    OUKITEL BP2000


    2048Wh (51.2V, 40Ah)

    Battery Type

    LiFePO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate)

    Life Cycles

    3500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity

    Management System

    MPPT Controller, BMS, etc

    AC Output

    5 ports*AC 2200W

    Inverter Type

    Pure Sine Wave

    Rated Power


    Surge Power


    USB-C Port


    USB-A Port

    2x12W (5V/2.4A) USB-A 2x18W USB-A

    12V DC Outlets

    1x24V/10A (RV Outlet), 1x12V/10A (Car Outlet), 2x12V/3A DC5521

    AC Input

    max. 1800W

    Solar Input

    Max.1000W(MPPT), 12-120V/15A, 1*XT60 Port

    Car Input

    12V/8A, 24V/10A

    Max Input

    2800W, with AC+Solar Input

    AC Charging(1500W)

    1.5 Hours

    Solar Charging(1000W)

    2.5 Hours

    AC + Solar Charging(2500W)

    1.0 Hours


    Expand Up To 7xB2000

    Net Weight


    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    18.9x11.7x12.7in (48.0x29.6x32.2cm)

    Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature





    1+2 Years(Subscribed)

  • Rated Power


    Battery Cell Type

    Monocrystalline Silicon


    ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)

    Efficiency Rate




    Dimensions (Unfolded)

    41.3x91.9x1.0 in/104.8x233.3x2.5 cm

    Dimension (folded)

    41.3x24.1x2.1 in/104.8x61.2x5.4 cm



    Open Circuit Voltage


    Short Circuit Current


    Connection Method


    Cable Length


    Operating Temperature


    Best Working Temperature

    77℉ (25℃)

    Safety Certifications



    12 months

    Portable Power Station

    OUKITEL P5000

    Up To 3 Pcs

    OUKITEL P2001 Plus

    Up To 1 Pc

    OUKITEL P1201

    Up To 1 Pc

What’s in the box?

BP2000 Package: 1.Oukitel BP2000 Power Station        2.AC Charging Cable        3.Car Charging Cable        4.Solar Charging Cable        5.User Manual    
B2000 Package: 1.Oukitel B2000 Expansion Battery        2.Parallel Connection        3.Car Charging Cable        4.Solar Charging Cable        5.User Manual    

User Manual

OUKITEL BP2000 Portable Power Station | 2200W,2048Wh User Manual

Download Now >


Up to 7 x B2000 for 16384Wh huge capacity.

Please calculate the total wattage of your devices. BP2000 should work if the load doesn't exceed its rated 2200W.

Yes, the UPS switchover time is less than 10ms.

No, the BP2000 is designed with grounding wires which protect it from damage caused by power surges, lightning strikes, or other electrical disturbances, and prevent electric shock incidents that might result from internal insulation damage, shell electrification, and so on.

Yes, the charging time will be just 1 hour.

Yes, B2000 expansion battery can be as a standalone portable power station.

The charging speed control button allows you to toggle between fast and slow charging modes, which prevents overheating or other safety hazards that may result from overcharging.

Yes, you can. The solar array must meet:
1. MC4 connectors
2. Total open circuit voltage(Voc) falls in the range of 12-120V/MAX.15A


It is not suitable for use in the bedroom.

Please turn off the product and place it in a dry environment. Do not place this product near water. And we recommend using the product every three months (run out the remain power first and recharge it to the percentage you want, such as 50%).

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