OUKITEL P5000 Efficient Backup Power Solution

OUKITEL P5000 Generator

Efficient Backup Power Solution

OUKITEL BP2000 Home Backup

Up To 16KWh Expandable Capacity

OUKITEL P2001 2000Wh Massive Capacity For Your Needs


Keep the outdoor party going

OUKITEL P1201 Portable Power Station For Camping


Ideal power supply for camping


Solar Generators

Reliable power in case of emergency

Home Battery Backup

5120Wh huge power for off-grid living

Portable Power Station

Explore camping, road, on-the-go life

Portable Solar Panels

Obtain extra efficient solar power

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Power the Exploration

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“Oukitel portable power station, the solution for your home power ”

Forbes: OUKITEL power solution for your home

“A simple yet effective portable solution for power outages”

Techradar: Effective power solution for power outages

“The Oukitel P2001 packs 2,000Wh for emergencies and off-grid use, with super-fast charging from AC.”

MUO: 2000Wh P2001 for emergency, with super-fast AC charging

“OUKITEL P2001 is the ideal  portable power station for home blackout, camping,  and RV travel.”

CISION: OUKITEL P2001 is an ideal power station for outdoor life

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