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1+2 Years(Subscribed) Warranty


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30-Day Money-Back Gurantee

Oukitel P2001 Tragbares Kraftwerk 2000W/2000Wh
Oukitel P2001 Tragbares Kraftwerk 2000W/2000Wh
ouktiel p2001 portable power station
Oukitel P2001 Tragbares Kraftwerk 2000W/2000Wh
Oukitel P2001 Tragbares Kraftwerk 2000W/2000Wh
ouktiel p2001 portable power station
ouktiel p2001 portable power station 10ms switchover UPS
Oukitel P2001 Tragbares Kraftwerk 2000W/2000Wh
Oukitel P2001 Tragbares Kraftwerk 2000W/2000Wh

Oukitel P2001 Tragbares Kraftwerk 2000W/2000Wh

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  • Riesige Kapazität P2001 verfügt über 2000 Wh, die in allen Stromausfallsituationen ausreichend Strom liefern können.
  • Konstante 2000 W Leistung Der P2001 kann problemlos alle Haushaltsgeräte und Geräte mit hoher Wattleistung (Klimaanlagen, Mikrowelle, Kühlschrank, elektrische Säge, elektrische Bohrmaschine usw.) mit Strom versorgen und kann sogar bis zu 4000 W aufladen.
  • Superschnelles Aufladen Sie können den P2001 über eine normale Steckdose, Sonnenkollektoren, einen Carport oder andere Stromgeneratoren aufladen. Das Aufladen des P2001 von 0 - 100 % dauert nur 1,5 Stunden bei einer Eingabe von 1500 W Leistung.
  • Speicherlösung für Solarstrom P2001 ist mit allen Solarmodulen (12-48 V, MAX 500 W) auf dem Markt kompatibel.
  • UPS Die unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung (USV) wurde entwickelt, um Ihre empfindlichen und wertvollen elektrischen Geräte abzuschirmen.
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Hassle Free Warranty

Money-Back Guarantee


Power All Your Needs

  • 2000Wh

  • Huge Capacity

  • 80%, 1.8 hours

  • Super Fast Recharge

  • UPS & BMS

  • Protection&Safety

  • 2000W,Surge 4000W

  • AC Output

Enjoy More and Greener Power

Time and Money Saver

  • 2000W,Surge 4000W

  • AC Output

  • 2000Wh

  • Huge Capacity

  • 4

  • Recharge Methods

  • BMS + UPS

  • Safety and Smart

  • 3500 Cycles

  • LiFePo4

  • 80%, 1.8 hours

  • Super Fast Recharge

Who Said Anything About a Power Outage?

2000W AC Output At Home

Well, at least with P2001, you won’t feel it. OUKITEL’s ultimate power station will keep a constantly reliable and safe power supply available to you, powering up to 16 devices at the same time—in a quiet, convenient, and truly green way.

  • 600W

  • Coffee Maker

  • 100 Cups

  • 1600W

  • Hair Dryer

  • 1.25 Hours

  • 50Wh

  • Macbook Air

  • 40 Times

  • 1000W

  • Microwave

  • 1 Hours

  • 150W

  • Fridge

  • 13 Hours

  • 500W

  • Washer

  • 4 Hours

  • 110W

  • TV

  • 18 Hours

  • 1500W

  • Air Conditioner

  • 1.3 Hours

Keep the Outdoor Party Going

2000Wh Capacity

Music, lights, and barbecue won't stop outdoors—whether that’s in your large backdoor yard or at a camping site. Powering any outdoor moments you want to enjoy with family and friends.

  • 65W

  • Mini Fridge

  • 30 Hours

  • 10Wh

  • Smart Phone

  • 200 Times

  • 25Wh

  • Camera(Sony A71V)

  • 70-100 Times

  • 100W

  • Projector

  • 20 Hours

  • 150W

  • Tesla

  • 6 Miles+

  • 60Wh

  • Drone

  • 50 Times

Your Workshop and DIY Projects

Surge Up to 4000W

Using your high-wattage no longer depends on connecting them to a home AC outlet. When fully charged, P2001 lets you work anywhere and get any project done since it has a portable AC output (2000W, Surge 4000W) that is able to charge even your heavy-duty electrical tools.

  • 800W

  • Electric Drill

  • 2.3 hours

  • 2000W

  • Bench Grinder

  • 1-2 hours

  • 1600W

  • Electric Saw

  • 1-2.5 hours

UPS: Double Protection for Your Essentials

Non-damage from any power failure on your fragile electrical products by using P2001. Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is built to shield your sensitive and valuable electrical devices.

Why Matters?

Bi-directional Inverter

P2001 has also adopted the Bi-directional inverter, which can convert DC into AC or AC into DC efficiently. Charging P2001 is simple and easy without concerning converting electricity from AC to DC by carrying a heavy bulky adapter. The P2001 technology supports direct AC charging.

Super-fast Charging

Traditional Charging

Super Fast Recharge

Less than 1.8 Hours

P2001 (2000Wh) takes you 1.8 hours to recharge from 0% to 100% by standard wall outlet. No doubt P2001 lies in the very front of the fast recharge technology so far.

Need to be fastest? Only 1.5 hours to 80% battery - Powering P2001 via 1100W AC Input and 500W solar or adapter simultaneously.

P2001 is also able to be powered by dual charging methods at 1600W Max. There are various options to reach 1600W.

  • 500W

  • solar panels

  • 1100W

  • Wall Outlet

  • 500W

  • Adapter

  • 1100W

  • Power Genertor

Green Power, Solar Panels

Max 500W Input

Keep Your Power Station Running

4 Recharging Options

You can charge P2001 with a direct AC charger without any cumbersome adapter. You can also charge it using any solar panel (MAX 500W) available on the market. Using a generator, an EV charger, a car charger, or a gas charger are other recharging options.

  • 1100W

  • AC Input

  • 120W/240W

  • Car Charge

  • 500W

  • Solar Panels

  • 1100W

  • Power Genertor

Safe and Tough

LiFePo4, 3500 Lifecycles

P2001 has 4 built-in fans to keep the battery running cool and smoothly, and the structure of the station is also armored with fire protection material (V0 rate).

Bi-directional Inverter

4 built-in fans

LiFePO4 Battery

P2001 is equipped with 48 brand new LiFePO4 battery packs from Eve Energy, one of the top power suppliers in China. P2001’s LiFePo4 battery supports 3,500 lifecycles, which can still reach up to 70% of the original capacity. Unlike lead acid and ternary batteries, it is a very safe and truly built to last and perform.

Now you understand why BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, and other giants also use Eve Energy power supply solutions—this is the kind of quality you want behind your new almighty portable power station!

  • Safety

  • Cycle Life

  • Lead Acid

  • Ternary

  • LiFePo4

  • Lead Acid

  • Ternary

  • LiFePo4

  • 500 Cycles

  • 500-1000 + Cycles

  • 3500 + Cycles

  • High, but lead is toxic substance

  • Medium, high explosive possibility

  • High, low flammable and explosive possibility

Uses a highly safe lithium iron phosphate

Approximately 80% of the initial capacity after 2,000 full charge cycles.

Lithium iron phosphate

Ternary system

Cobalt series

Manganese system

16 Output Ports:

Supporting 16 Devices at Once

Explore 16 versatile Output Ports for different requirements.

Convenience and Well-organization

LED Light and Storage Box

A built-in LED light will brighten any dark moments for hours on end whenever that is necessary.

P2001 is designed with 2 aluminum alloy handles on each side and a storage box on the top for the easy-carry and convenient cables

Individual Controls & LCD Display

Control each section and power output of P2001. Each section can be controlled separately to add extra safety and convenience to the
power station.

P2001 is equipped with a user-friendly LCD
Display that is as simple to read as it gets.

Keep the Battery Insulated from Risks

Battery Management System

OUKITEL P2001 has a built-in advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that is designed to keep the battery operating intelligently, safely, and securely.

  • Over-Charge

  • Over-Discharge

  • Over-Voltage

  • Over-Current

  • Short-Circuit

  • High-Temperature

What’s in the box?

1.Oukitel P2001 Power Station 2.AC Charging Cable 3.Car Charging Cable 4.Solar Charging Cable 5.User Manual

Exclusive 3-Year Warranty

We’re always committed to offering great reassuring
warranty on all our products.

Tech Specs











LED Light

2W, Warm tone, single lamp

Operation temperature

0-40 ℃ /32-104℉

Storage temperature

-10-40 ℃ /-14-104℉



Solar Charge

Maximum 500W,12V-48V/ 15A

Adapter Charge

US Version 12V-48V/ 15A, Maximum 500W

Car Charge & Battery Charge

12V/8A - 24V/10A

6 x AC

2000W Maximum (100-120V)

2 x USB-A


2 x USB-A


2 x USB-C


1 x XT60


2 x DC5521


1 x Cigar lighter



1+2 Years(Subscribed)

What’s in the box?

1.Oukitel P2001 Power Station        2.Car Charging Cable        3.Solar Charging Cable        4.AC Charging Cable        5.User Manual

User Manual

OUKITEL P2001 Portable Power Station | 2000W, 2000Wh User Manual

Download Now >

Häufig gestellte Fragen

1. Die Ladespannung des Anderson-Ladeanschlusses beträgt 12 V bis 50 V und wird beschädigt, wenn sie 50 V überschreitet.

2. Die Eingangsspannung des AC-Anschlusses beträgt 90 V-130 V und die Leistung erreicht 1100 W, sonst kann es nicht normal geladen werden.

Sie müssen den Schalter des einen ausschalten und dann wieder einschalten, tun Sie es einfach so, ist in Ordnung.

Ja, es wird unterstützt. Aber bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass das Kraftwerk noch mindestens 10 % Leistung hat.

Die Station ist ein eingebauter intelligenter und leiser Lüfter. Während des Ladevorgangs wird der Lüfter automatisch eingeschaltet, wenn das Gerät heißer ist, um das Gerät zu warten. Wenn die Temperatur auf ein bestimmtes Niveau fällt, wird der Lüfter eingeschaltet ausgeschaltet.

Wenn Ihr tragbares Kraftwerk an die Steckdose angeschlossen ist, werden alle angeschlossenen elektronischen Geräte über das Stromnetz und nicht über die Batterie mit Strom versorgt. Wenn die Stromversorgung aus dem Netz ausfällt, wie bei einem Stromausfall, schaltet das Kraftwerk innerhalb von 30 ms automatisch auf Batteriebetrieb um.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Great unit, great price

Seems good so far

I just received my unit a week or so ago, so I haven't really put it to the test. It was packaged very sturdily, lots of padding to prevent damage. I read through the instructions and then proceeded to plug it in to a wall outlet to charge up. Charging did not take long. I wasn't timing it, but I'm pretty sure it was under 3 hours. I also got 2 200w solar panels to use to charge it, and they are very well built, heavy duty units. Hook up is easy. Once I use the unit, I'll try to charge it with the panels to see how that goes. Overall, I'll give it a good rating from an out of the box review. After I use it a bit, I'll try to edit for a better "in use" review. I do think that for the price, it is a good investment for power security.

Derek Coetzee
Charging set point

Is it possible to adjust the input charging current to preserve the battery, and also the maximum % charge to say 85%. I went to a store to purchase the P2001 SA variant, but the store personnel couldn’t answer my questions. Lastly what is the overall efficiency of the unit as I understood it to be around 90%, however I’ve seen claims of 70 to 75%.

Gérard Joachim

I’ll recommend my friends to try your products

P2001: good or bad

I own two of rhe P2001's so they must have impressed me. They are solidly built units with features that are well thought out. I like how the various connections are laid out and accessible. I use mine as UPS units which is what impresses me. Power outages are common here in Tampa Bay. The fast charging feature is very handy and necessary. My biggest complaint is the effeciency, or lack thereof. The A/C and D/C ratings are in the middle 70's percentile. This is lower than average and is compensated by the current price point. I do recommend the P2001 and as stated, since I own two, they must be good!

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