How To Build An Outdoor Power Box For Under $1,000

An outdoor power box is an electrical enclosure that keeps wiring and electrical equipment safe from environmental factors. Another reason for an outdoor power box is to keep people away from dangerous electrical currents. They are made from several materials including polyester and stainless steel.

It is always a good thing to have reliable power for outdoor activities or emergencies. However, many people worry about the safety of carrying several electrical elements for outdoor activities. An outdoor power box can help you store all your electrical appliances and cables during outdoor events.

Some companies produce outdoor power boxes with power stations and other essential parts. OUKITEL is the leading provider when it comes to portable power solutions. Whether you simply want a power station for your home, or an outdoor box complete with a portable power station, we’ve got you.

Why Choose Oukitel For Your Outdoor Power Needs

OUKITEL is a reputable company that is in the forefront when it comes to affordable power solutions. We at Oukitel are dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality products that satisfy their every need. We provide a wide selection of products that solve your electricity problems.

All our products are perfectly reliable. We deal with only the best materials when it comes to our products and they are incredibly durable. In addition to the amazing features that accompany our products, the prices attached to them are very affordable. For example, our brand new Oukitel P2001 Plus portable power station costs only $799.

OUKITEL is fully committed to new innovations and are always coming up with new ways to improve our products. Our main goal is to completely satisfy our customers by providing impeccable service and products. Shop with us for your portable energy needs today.


Essential Components For Building Your Oukitel Power Box

The items you need to complete your Oukitel power box include:

1. Oukitel P2001 Plus Power Station

The Oukitel P2001 Plus portable power station is the cornerstone of your Oukitel power box. It is the most important part as it is responsible for producing the power you need. The Oukitel P2001 Plus features an 1800W super-fast charge, and can be 80% full within an hour.

It also comes with a charging adjustment knob that helps you adjust the charging speed of the generator for apartment buildings anyhow you want. You can charge the P2001 Plus with a home outlet, car charger, or solar power. It also comes with multiple outlets. Hence, it is very versatile.

The Oukitel P2001 Plus also features smart app integration, which means you can control it remotely from your phone. It also features a bright display screen which allows for easy use. The P2001 Plus boasts high capacity at a value of 2048Wh.

This Oukitel power station provides reliable power that can power various devices. It has a long-lasting battery and can last for a long time. In addition, this portable generator is noise-resistant.

2. Oukitel Solar Panel

The perfect match for your Oukitel P2001 Plus is the Oukitel solar panel. The P2001 Plus is a portable solar generator. Thus, it can work with solar energy. To harness the power of sunlight to power your portable generator, you will need a solar panel.

Compatibility is key when it comes to solar panels. If you do not use the recommended panels with your solar power station, you might not get the appropriate performance. The best panels to match with the P2001 Plus are Oukitel panels.

Our Oukitel panels provide high efficiency, portability, and are very easy to set up. Installation usually proves to be an obstacle when it comes to solar panels. However, Oukitel panels are very easy to install and will provide you with no trouble.

 In addition, they are eco-friendly and have little to no impact on the environment. They are also cost effective and give you the best value for your money.

3. Oukitel Accessories

To ensure seamless connectivity and optimal function, it is best to match your power station and solar panels with the right accessories. Oukitel accessories ensure your electrical devices deliver the best performance when you connect them.

Get all the necessary cables and connectors you will need for the items in your outdoor power box. Oukitel accessories are easy to set up and have impeccable performance. Examples of accessories include a solar panel extension cable and solar generator kit.


Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Oukitel Outdoor Power Box

To build your Oukitel outdoor power station, follow the next few steps:

  • Planning Your Setup: The first step to building your outdoor power box is planning how you want the setup to be. Design the way the solar powered generatorand other accessories will be arranged in the outdoor power box to enhance efficiency.

Know the components you will be including into the outdoor power box so that you will know the optimal combination to use. Knowing the item you need is essential to plan your setup.

  • Choose a Durable Box: Using a durable and weather-resistant box is vital for your outdoor power box. Since you’re using it outside, you need your power box to be resistant to climate factors. This will ensure the items inside the box remain safe even during rain.
  • Organizing Components: After you decide on the kind of setup you want to create and have gotten a box, the next step is to organize the different components going into the box. This ensures optimal performance.
  • Assembling The Power Box: Once you’ve placed the power station like the Oukitel P2001and Oukitel P1201 into the box, connect the solar panels to the power station using the appropriate accessories like routing cables.
  • Add Accessories: After connecting the solar power station to the panels, you can include various accessories like outlets and USB ports to the outdoor power box.


Testing And Optimizing Your Oukitel Outdoor Power Box.

The testing phase for Oukitel outdoor power boxes can be majorly divided into three:

  • General testing to ensure that everything is working properly and at full capacity.
  • Checking the power output and charging capabilities to ensure that everything in the setup is correct. If the power station doesn’t charge properly or isn’t giving the expected output, consider getting it checked out.
  • If there is any issue with the setup, you can employ troubleshooting methods recommended by the brand you got the setup from.

Some tips to optimize the maximum efficiency and performance of an outdoor power box include:

  • Regular maintenance and checks to ensure that the performance or lifespan of your portable solar generator remains in the best condition.
  • It is important to store the outdoor power box properly anytime it’s not in use. This will keep it safe from external conditions.


Practical Applications Of Your Oukitel Outdoor Power Box

Here are some practical applications for your Oukitel power box:

Camping and Outdoor Adventures

Your Oukitel outdoor power box is perfect for camping and outdoor activities. If you want to go for a camping trip, or you have an outdoor event planned, the Oukitel outdoor power box is a great fix for your energy needs. For the best outdoor energy experience, assemble your Oukitel outdoor power box today.

Usage Applications

The Oukitel outdoor power box has numerous usage applications. It can be helpful for cooking in instances where you need to use your electric cooker outdoors. The function most people use it for is to charge devices and power appliances.

Preparation For Emergencies

An Oukitel outdoor power box is an essential tool to have in case of emergencies. Unexpected circumstances may occur anytime and you may require a stable power source. Having an Oukitel power box in these situations can put your mind at ease, since you have guaranteed power.

Having a reliable power source can be an immense life-saver in many situations. Sometimes, you can have an outdoor event where you need power. A reliable outdoor power box can help you solve every of your external power problems. It also keeps you and your appliances safe from external damage.

The Oukitel power box is a reliable source of worksite power, as it can easily power remote work locations that don’t have access to the main electricity grid. This is especially useful in the case of construction work and outdoor jobs where workers need power at all times.

Oukitel power boxes have a diverse array of uses. They have multiple applications which are evident from customer comments on our page. To read more comments on customer experiences using Oukitel power boxes, check out our Oukitel power station review.



An outdoor power box is the best solution for any outdoor or camping event you might have. Building an Oukitel outdoor power box can provide you with many benefits such as great performance and compatibility. Using an Oukitel power station and panels with your Oukitel power box brings out the best efficiency.

Are you looking for a place to buy safe and reliable outdoor power boxes? Look no further. OUKITEL provides you with the best components you need to set up your own outdoor power box. Our products have guaranteed efficiency and are the best in the market. Visit our page to start building your outdoor power box today.   

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